Protecting the value of Body Corporate properties

We regularly get approached to assist in the management of body corporate building complexes for the objective of maximising property value and providing peace of mind for the condition and performance of the building now and into the future. We have dealt with thousands of buildings similar to this and we are uniquely placed and experienced to deliver the results desired.

In regards to achieving this objective, our core recommendation to bodies corporate is to prove the condition and performance of the building through the installation of the Mdu System into the complex. This involves a thorough non-destructive framing inspection, the installation of a weathertightness monitoring system into the complex and the ability to carry out regular moisture readings as part of the long term management plan.

The Mdu System will assist in protecting the asset value of the individual properties by providing certainty to the owners and purchasers that the buildings are weathertight and robust. Other benefits to using the Mdu Probe System include:

  • Providing certainty of performance and condition
  • Assistance with long term management planning
  • The ability to target specific areas of preventative maintenance needed and clarification of what level or scope of works are needed in what areas around the complex.
  • The ability to prove any corrective building works carried out is successful
  • Providing proof to future owners that the body corporate is proactive with maintenance
  • An in-built online property management and building information and management systems available to assist body corporate with property record keeping and building analysis

Owners that follow our recommendations enjoy greater certainty of their property value and gain back control of their building and investment providing peace of mind. We also have many success stories – many where buildings have retained and enhanced their CV.

Should any matters arise, the Step Up Group has a wide network that will be able to satisfy any need the body corporate may have practically or professionally – so you know you’re in safe hands.

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  1. Philip says:

    The MDU system looks pretty good, especially for protecting the body corporate

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