Design and Specification

A Better Way for Design & Specification

Smart decisions early protect everyone down the line

During the design and specification of a building, there are many issues to consider. Further, there are no guarantees that what is specified on the drawing will be built exactly as drawn – for whatever reason. Most architects and designers have no means to stay up-to-date with the project’s outcome once it’s off their desks – but when there’s a big problem they’re one of the first people sighted by lawyers even if they are completely fault-free. By simply specifying the Mdu PROBE System, especially in high-risk points around the building, architects and designers can prevent these issues occurring:

  • Risk Reduction – Issues are identified by the Mdu PROBE System before they cause damage
  • Performance Portfolio – Specifiers and Designers are informed of the building’s excellent performance during construction and for the life of the building through BNet without having to leave the office.
  • Ease of Maintenance – Owners are equipped with the tools they need to adequately monitor and maintain their property.

Include the Mdu PROBE System as an integral part of your Service

Architects and Designers are now specifying the Mdu PROBE System goes into every one of their projects as a matter of policy, not exception. They understand that monitoring is an essential benefit to all parties involved in the construction and management of a building, and the Mdu PROBE System delivers that.

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