Licensed Building Practitioners

A Better Way for Licensed Building Practitioners

Manage risk and improve business

Recent law has made significant changes to liability for those in the building industry – especially for those who will are or will become licenced building practitioners (LBPs) and are personally liable for their work. With this added responsibility comes the opportunity to drastically minimise the risk faced using simple risk management technologies from Step Up. Benefits include:

  • Risk Reduction – Issues are identified by the Mdu Probe System before they manifest into damage.
  • Better Insurance – Some have already received lower insurance costs by showing that they are managing their risk better than others by specifying Step Up technologies in every job.
  • Creation of Performance Portfolio – LBPs are informed of the building’s excellent performance during construction and for the life of the building through BNet without having to leave the office. This in turn is used to show prospective clients of the excellence of your work.
  • Transparency of Information – Stakeholders of buildings can quickly and easily update themselves of the status of any building with the Mdu Probe System installed simply by going online to BNet.
  • Owners know their Responsibilities – Owners are equipped with the tools and knowhow they need to adequately monitor and mantain their property to avoid big problems manifesting.

Better for all Involved

While some ‘flat-earthers’ may balk at the prospect of being monitored (“We don’t build leakers”), the forward thinking ones are happy to be protected from long-term risk by knowing if there is a problem now rather than finding out in 9 years’ time when the problems have seriously manifested themselves. Owners are also happy that there is an independent and unemotional method to measure their building’s performance.

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