A Better Way for Building Remediation

Tired of talking reclad? Not satisfied by targeted repairs?

The Step Up Building Enhancement Program is a revolutionary diagnostics-based multidisciplinary approach to building enhancement and remediation. It uses state-of-the-art technologies with in-built quality assurance monitoring. Owners who follow the 5-stage Step Up approach enjoy more control over their situation financially, logistically and legally ¨C including knowledge of why actions are taken. Step Up includes practical, discrete steps that are affordable and flexible.

Step Up to Better Building Remediation

Building remediation need not be onerously expensive nor fraught with unnecessary risk. The Step Up Process combines world-leading building assessment technologies with ground-breaking, no-nonsense solutions to deliver the most effective building enhancement solution for all homeowners – with quality assurance systems providing peace of mind. By comparison the Step Up Process is far superior to typical building remediation options:

  • Affordable – Costs are usually close to half that of recladding
  • Manageable – Staged process allows for time flexibility
  • Quality Assured – Performance results are proven, not assumed
  • Less Intrusion – No need for residents to move out
  • The Sustainable Choice – Lower energy and resource use
  • Peace of Mind – Monitoring systems for ongoing assurance
  • Longer Building Life – Better buildings to last for decades, not years

What is the Process?

Below is a simplified version of the Step Up Building Enhancement Process showing the main 5 steps involved. Because each house is different, the details inside each process will vary on a case by case basis.

Step Solutions
1 Discover Discover the true condition of your building, so that the right solution can fit your property. Mdu Probe System
Laboratory Analysis
2 Treat Protect your structural timber and add decades to the lifespan of your building RotStop
3 Strengthen Strengthen problem areas to avoid costly future issues with a targeted approach Timber replacement & strengthening
4 Weathertightness Reduce moisture issues with simple and effective building improvements Drying Skirts
Eyebrow Deflectors
Recladding where necessary
5 Care Check on work completed to ensure success. Monitor into the future for maintenance requirements and peace of mind. Mdu Monitor System


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