Protecting Your Biggest Asset

Your home is likely to be the biggest asset you will ever own however if it is a plaster-clad house built between 1992 and 2004, you must take extra care to make sure that it doesn’t leak and isn’t rotting.

You can find and fix the leaks, you can treat untreated timber without removing the cladding or linings, you can sell your plaster-clad house for a good price and you can avoid having an expensive reclad.

We have been helping owners of plaster-clad homes since 2005 to successfully maintain their houses indefinitely.

Step Up Group now operates as the Moisture Detection Company.

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Moisture Reading

Moisture contents determine how damp the walls are… damp framing decays… are flashings effective… transient moisture… wicking… capillary… seasonal changes… overall house monitoringinstall Mdu Probe firstmost reliable test available without doing damage… checking for moisture in all the walls… no big decisions until true picture… affect of treatment on moisture content… does treatment change decisions when analysing moisture contents… does decayed wood have a moisture content… what is an acceptable moisture content… why is everyone so paranoid… are moisture contents proof of condition

Buying or Selling – worried and need the facts

For Home Buyers

For Home Sellers

Worried about buying a lemon – looks good on the outside but does it have treated timber, is it leaking, does it already have decayed framing. Will you be able to make the necessary repairs.

Worried about buyers being turned away. Let us test for treated timber so you can sing from the roof top. Why sell for less when a simple test can make all the difference to buyers. We test for moisture as well.

Treatment test: We usually collect 4 timber samples for testing. You can either send us the samples or one of our technicians can go to the property and collect the samples – no damage is done to the wall.
Moisture Test:  Up to 15 location tests including a summary report.
Building report: We can do a wide range of reports. Just let us know how extensive your requirement is.
Monitoring Homes: This is a package that comes with checking moisture, treatment and decay analysis including a full report and a review to understand the house condition.

* Note: If your property is out of the Auckland region, additional traveling cost may apply.

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Why Buildings Leak?

There are common problems that could cause a building to leak . Looking after our homes can avoid some of these problems.

There are different ways to detect moisture, but what is most reliable?

There is a proven solution for homes that were built with untreated timber framing. Rotstop is a building treatment system that can be injected into untreated timber framing without removing the cladding or gib board.

Mdu Probe Investigation System

We use the Mdu Probe investigation system to collect the important evidence. We look at the house and install the Mdu Probes into as many locations as possible* to get a clear and complete set of facts over the whole house before we start diagnosing and offering suggestions.

Peace of Mind

Maybe you are worrying “do I have a leaky building problem” but don’t really know how to find out or who will tell you the truth. Would you like your fear dealt with one way or another – factually and scientifically based on truthful evidence? What if it didn’t need a reclad? What if it could be sold because there is nothing wrong with it? What if it has only one small thing wrong? If you identify with…

Healthy Home Check Treatment Moisture and Decay

Here is a guideline for checking the health of your home. A healthy home is a dry home that is free from rot and mould. Staying dry means it is must be free of defects. Gain peace of mind by removing the uncertainty and risk of owning an unhealthy home.

Maximising value for home sellers and protecting your investment

Owners of high risk homes, either because of the design, cladding system or the use of undertreated timber (or all three) can find buyers reluctant to pay anywhere near to the full value of the property due to the risk involved in purchasing the property. By proving your property is performing you can claw back the value you deserve for your property.

Home Performance Monitoring

Like everything in the world, house performance declines over time, and all houses will leak at some point. The earlier you find those leaks, the less they will cost you to fix. Sign up to Mdu PROBE Moisture Reading Service for your property and never have to worry about leaks causing damage again!

Leaky Home Solutions

Whether you already know you have a leaky home or you need to get the facts about your house, the Moisture Detection Company provides a one stop shop to manage investigation, and repairs.

Gaining Code Compliance Certificate (CCC)

Without a CCC for your home can feel like no-mans-land, with lots of conflicting advice. By using our Mdu PROBE System to show that your house performs according to the requirements of the Building Code, you can join other owners who have been spectacularly successful in getting their long sought after CCC – even those that thought they might need to reclad!

Removing surprises when renovating

There is nothing worse than embarking on exciting renovations only to be stopped in your tracks by an unexpected issue which is going to take a large part of your budget to fix. By checking your existing building with the Mdu PROBE System first, you can plan your renovation project with confidence.

Home Maintenance

All homes need maintenance, but there is good and bad maintenance. We offer all our clients the option to have the repair independently verified to ensure that no ineffective work is delivered.

Protecting homebuyers

Buying a new house is exciting, but a minefield of issues. Don’t buy a lemon! Get it checked for weathertightness before you buy with the Mdu PROBE System, the only way to get information on the condition of the timber structure without causing damage to the property!

Protecting high risk homes and homes built since 1988

If you own a high risk home, either because of the design, cladding system or the use of undertreated timber (or all three), you need to protect it against the possibility of it becoming a leaky home. The sooner you take action, the less money it will cost you!

Quality Assurance for new homes

Don’t leave the quality of your building to chance! Get it checked before you take ownership and you could save yourself thousands of dollars. Despite the publicity, homes are still being built with undertreated timber and leaks!

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