Maintenance and Monitoring

A Better Way for Building Maintenance

Make maintaining a breeze the Step Up Way

Everyone knows maintaining their building is very important, and that a properly maintained house is worth more. You want to look after the house properly, but not go overboard. But how do you know if there’s a problem to fix and you need to do more than just the standard seal and lick of paint? The Mdu Monitor System takes the confusion out of maintenance by letting you know when there is a moisture problem, and that specific areas need either maintaining or re-designing. Furthermore, it will reward your hard work by giving you the all-clear and the peace of mind that the problem hasn’t come back.

Show off your Hard Work

After all your loving care and attention during your ownership, the Mdu Probe System lets you show off the fruits of your labour to the discerning buyer by showing the house’s excellent performance history over the years. This adds value to your building just like a car’s WOF checks and service history – by showing that not only was the house maintained over the years, its performance was also top-notch.

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