Get the advantage of the Step Up Group services to assist you in your project.


Mdu Probe moisture readingBuilding Inspections and ´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐Diagnostics (for Owners & Experts)

Weathertightness Risk Assessment Reports, Pre-Purchase Inspections, Mdu Probe System Installation, Structural Timber Analysis, Repair Option Scoping & Costing. More

Maintenance and Mitigation Services (for Owners)

RotStop Installation, Window Resealing & Remitreing, Painting, Crack Repair, Plastering & Eyebrow installation.


Rotten WoodMajor Building Works Services (for Owners)

Architectural Services, Building Surveying, Building Works, Building Project Management.


Lab Microscopic examination of timber fibreLaboratory Services (for Owners, Experts & Partners)

Timber Treatment Testing and Timber Condition/Decay Analysis.


Legal Services (for Owners)

Including WHRS Application,WHRS Representation, Legal Expert Assistance.


Professional / Expert Support Services (for Lawyers)

3D Information Visualisation, WHRS Report Mapping, Framework Structuring, Leak/Damage lists, Photo collation


Reporting Services (for Partners)

Building information storage, report creation, online presentation and risk management using BNet portal


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