Body Corp Management

A Better Way for Bodies Corporate

A Challenging Environment

As well as the standard challenges of building ownership that every owner faces, members of bodies corporate also have the added challenge of navigating personalities, committees, secretaries and extra laws when getting things done. As well as the standard benefits associated with remediation, maintenance & monitoring and other applications, there are particular benefits for a Body Corporates when following Step Up:

  • Mulit-unit prioritisation of maintenance and repairs

    centralised building performance results through BNet allow complete understanding of the complex as a whole.

  • Discharging duty of care by Body Corporate Secretary

    to inform owners of the 10 year limitation clause, and the need to check the buildings thoroughly with the Mdu Probe System.

  • Central monitoring for auditing of repairs

    centralised understanding of repair effectiveness enabled by using the Mdu Probe Service. This is especially important when the buildings are highly tenanted.

  • Peace of mind

    for owners of tenanted buildings knowing that their investment is sound and not leaking by using the Mdu Probe System to alert them if leaks have developed right under the tenants’ noses.

  • Flexibility of approach.

    Step Up’s discrete technologies enable owners to take direct action discretely and quickly without affecting those around them.

Get action collectively or individually

Whether you act as a collective, or you simply want to get things done, the Step Up approach to better buildings will improve the way you manage and maintain your investment.

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