Building Investigation

Building Investigations – a background

When it’s a big decision, it pays to get it right

A building investigation is the most important step in many processes. Its outcomes inform you of the situation you are in, and dictate the path you take and ultimately the money you spend. With all this riding on the outcome, it pays to get it right. Due to the hidden nature of building structures, we place huge reliance on building diagnostic techniques to understand building weathertightness performance. These techniques are designed to inform and therefore improve decision making throughout a building’s life.

All techniques are not equal

Building inspection techniques are of varying prices and quality, with varying advantages and disadvantages, and some just plain don’t work. With the most comprehensive coverage, integration of key evidence and analysis, you simply cannot surpass the Mdu PROBE System to give you the most conclusive picture at any stage in a building’s life. The results may then dictate that further investigation is needed in selected areas.

Demand no damage to your building

Many ‘accepted’ routine building inspection practices do more damage than good by cutting away claddings, flashings and seals. Do not allow this to happen until the Mdu Probe System has been installed and monitored. It is simply not acceptable to allow external damage to be done to a building during an investigation until all other options are exhausted. It contaminates the building’s future results, looks ugly, and reduces the value the property. Even if no problem is found, now you DO have a problem! This is NOT what an INSPECTION should do!

Demand quality, understandable information

The outcome of an inspection is to give the owner more options by informing their decision making. This is achieved through the Mdu Probe System. More advanced Laboratory Analysis is also available for those that are in need of further investigation.

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