Vision and Objectives

A Better Way for Building Together
New Zealand buildings lasting for centuries, economically.”
That is the simple vision of Step Up. Through employing the Step Up Group’s philosophies and technologies, our objectives are clear:

* Extend building life expectancy
* Reduce stakeholder risk
* Improve ROI for investors
* Improve occupants’ health
* Prevent major problems
* Continue advancement of industry knowledge and understanding

The manifestation of those objectives are by achieving our goals. They are bold – but achievable. we need to move as quickly as possible if we are to realise the national benefit possible. Imagine if we woke up tomorrow morning and all the untreated timber buildings were now treated and protected. Can you imagine the national sigh-of-relief as this burden we carry as a nation is lifted with our built environment protected for generations? For those reasons and more, we ask for your support in the early achievement of the Step Up Goals:
Phase 1: 1,000 buildings assessed and moisture monitored with the Mdu PROBE System.
With the support of forward-thinking Project M members and associations, we are fast approaching this target. This is in effect the biggest and most thorough survey of the state of our buildings this country and potentially the world has ever seen. Thank you to all involved. The learnings from this have been distilled into the Project M Phase I Outcomes (presented to the BOINZ Conference April 2008).
Phase 2: 10,000 buildings structurally protected for extended lifespan
There are over 200,000 buildings in danger of an early grave. Yet current estimates show only 1,000 buildings have been reclad. We are aiming to structurally protect and extend the lifespan of 10,000 buildings in the hope of preventing them being ‘written off’ as just another reclad. We urge you to join us in this effort to begin the road to protecting New Zealand’s built environment by joining Project M to find out how you can be a part of this exciting journey. Call 0800STEPUP today.
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