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Get maximum value through full disclosure

Many monolithic buildings sell for below their true value or simply don’t sell due to the so-called ‘stigma effect’ of leaky buildings. It is feared a building may have hidden problems, or an inspection has suggested that the cost of repairs are a small fortune. However the true importance is the ACTUAL condition and performance. Leading Pre-Purchase inspectors recommend the Mdu PROBE System is used, going to the heart of the building walls to ascertain its condition and performance.

Looking to sell in the future?

One of the most cost-effective tools to sell your property for the right price is a good history of moisture records and timber samples from the Mdu PROBE System. This will put your prospective purchasers’ mind at ease and prevent misguided pre-purchase inspections from scaring off potential buyers. It will show you have maintained your property correctly, and that you are being up-front and honest. Start building your history today.

In the market to purchase?

Depending on the situation you have a number of options:

  • As part of due diligence, require that owners install the Mdu PROBE System to check the condition of the property before settling, or pay for it yourself
  • If the current owners do not allow you to carry out invasive (but non-destructive) testing, you can settle with a claw-back clause, and retain funds until the Mdu PROBE System is installed and the results give the all-clear. If there are problems encountered, the vendor is bound by the claw-back clause stipulated in the contract.

5 Responses to Sale and Purchase

  1. Janine Watson says:

    Hi. I was wondering if you did pre purchase/pre sale inspections in Christchurch? If you do, what is the cost of a 3 bedroom property,and what is detailed in your report? Also what is the turnaround time from booking to getting the report? Can we get a electronic copy of the report or is it in hardcopy form?

    • Lucy Coughlan says:

      Can you please advise if you do inspections in Queenstown?
      If so can you please provide price and when you would be available?

      • gregthomson says:

        Hello Lucy,
        We do inspections of homes all over NZ but it depends on what you seek. Are you looking at buying? Or own a house that you wish to sell? Or are you simply wanting to obtain a clearer picture of the current health of your home for undertaking remediation, repairs or just for maintenance purposes to give you peace of mind and build history of performance?
        Also what would the age of the property be, that you are referring to.
        Regards Greg.

  2. Mark Li says:

    Hi there,
    Do you provide any service from Wellington?we want an extensive building report on one of our properties in Wellington.
    Could you please contact us if you do?


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