Building Inspection & Diagnostics

Mdu Probe moisture reading

Taking a moisture reading from an Mdu Probe

Step Up Group companies provide the highest quality inspection and diagnostics systems

Options include:

  • Weathertightness Risk Assessment Reports
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Mdu Probe System Installation
  • Structural Timber Analysis
  • Repair Option Scoping & Costing


Mdu Reading (additional charge for area outside Auckland)
Site Visit (includes data entry)
Mdu Probe Sampling & Installation
Additional Core Sampling (per core sample includes data entry – requires site visit)

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2 Responses to Building Inspection & Diagnostics

  1. Wayne Lees says:

    Could you test a piece of timber from a degraded deck and certify the treatment. I can drop the piece in to you. Could you advise the cost.
    Thank you.
    Wayne Lees Architect

    • gregthomson says:

      Hi Wayne,

      Yes, we can undertake treatment testing for you.
      It depends on how degraded the wood is. If the wood looks rotten, then possibly no point in testing because there would most likely be no treatment left.
      However, if the samples(s) still look ok, we can test for treatment types – Boron, CCA and / or LOSP.
      Would this be what you seek?
      Regards Greg.

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