Drying Skirt

Retrofitted drying and drainage system for monolithic claddings

Solve cladding groundline problems with the Drying Skirt

Drying skirt information, pricing and installation is managed by Moisture Detection Company.  Please call (09) 271 0522 or email on info@moisturedetection.co.nz for assistance


Drying Skirt example

Drying Skirt example

The patented Drying Skirt introduces a cavity and enhanced dryability into a building wall without the need for expensive recladding. It can be simply retrofitted onto an existing building to introduce much needed drying and drainage at the base and midfloors of houses. It is sealed onto the existing cladding system and the look is a neat plinth. Coupled with other Step Up technologies, it completely does away with the need to reclad vast areas of wall – saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. Retrofitting the Drying Skirt on your building gives you many benefits:

  • Simple and cost-effective alternative to recladding.
  • Allows a thorough inspection of bottom timber of walls without the removal of the rest of cladding system during installation.
  • Window and door flashing systems remain intact
  • Eliminates moisture wicking issues caused by absorbent fibre cement and plaster cladding systems that go into the ground
  • Introduces bottom drainage gaps to the cladding system
  • Introduces ventilation ducts allowing drying to occur on the cladding behind

Note that if your wall framing has decay or untreated timber, we recommend treating the wall with RotStop before installing a dry skirt.

Drying Skirt Handout

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