A Better Way for Building Construction

Peace of Mind from Day One

If you had the opportunity to avoid major building weathertightness issues in the future would you take it? Or would you leave it down to chance? It is a fact of life that mistakes can and will happen – for whatever reason. Also, hidden moisture issues caused by these mistakes often go unnoticed by standard inspections. An integral part of the construction process is independent quality assurance. This is provided by the Mdu PROBE System. This brings a number of benefits:

  • Reduction of future problems – with early intervention, mistakes are rectified before damage is caused
  • Transparency of Performance – Results show the performance facts for the building.
  • Monitoring made easy for Owner – As part of normal maintenance, the owner now has a simple, low-cost way to monitor the performance of the building to stay on top of things.
  • Value-Adding – A building’s good record of performance increases the value of the property
  • Stakeholder Protection – Moisture records establishing a building performed directly after construction are valuable to show

What is the process?

The Step Up approach to construction is to accept the facts, and manage the process with a few simple steps:

  • Monitor the building post-lining with the Mdu PROBE System.
  • Find problems early and deal with them at the time
  • Prove the building is performing well after construction and through the first winter
  • Owner continues ongoing monitoring and stakeholders share up-to-date records of the building’s performance using BNet. Results and outcomes are transparent

Better for all Involved

While some ‘flat-earth’ architects, builders and contractors may balk at the prospect of being monitored (“We don’t need it, we don’t build leakers”), the forward thinking ones are happy to be protected from long-term risk by knowing there is a problem now rather than finding out in 9 years’ time when the problems have seriously manifested themselves. Owners are also happy that there is an independent and unemotional method to measure their building’s performance.

Go where council inspections can’t

Fact: visual inspections and sporadic moisture meter readings simply CANNOT find hidden moisture issues once the internal lining is on. See Project M Phase I Outcomes for more details on this. If left, these problems can manifest into rot, damage and expensive repairs. Council inspectors do not have the right to require the installation of the Mdu Monitor System during construction, so insist on the Mdu PROBE System yourself – for the protection of all involved.

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