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A CCC is an essential step to any building project – ensure that decision is made properly with the Mdu Probe System. The Code Compliance Certificate is the Building Certifying Authority’s (BCA) way of officially stating that they are satisfied on reasonable grounds that the building meets the Building Act (and Building Code) through either acceptable solution status or alternative solution status.

All Alternative Solutions: Mdu PROBES to be installed

Unlike Acceptable Solutions, Council must be satisfied that any Alternative Solutions are meeting the performance requirements of the Building Code in order to issue the CCC – especially Clause E2 (weathertightness). While Acceptable Solutions can be ‘deemed to comply’ simply by meeting the specifications of the drawings in the Accpetable Solutions E2/AS1:2004 or similar, Alternative Solutions need to prove that they actually WORK – that they are built right. While their DESIGN was accepted in the Consent stage such that if built right, they will work, the CCC stage is to check not only that their construction is adequate, but also that they PERFORM according to the building code requirements, in the particular conditions they are built.

All Houses have Alternative Solution Detailing

While you may build a house using an ‘Acceptable Solution’, there will be many Alternative Solution details, from garage doors to corner windows to more complex Specific Weathertightness Designs (SWDs). These and more are not Acceptable Solutions and therefore must be shown to be performing during the CCC process.


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