CCC’s and Determinations

A Better Way for Building CCCs

Show your building complies and gain your CCC

Homeowners without a CCC for an existing building can feel like they are in no-mans-land, with lots of conflicting advice. By using our Mdu PROBE System to show convincingly that their house performs according to the requirements of the Building Code, owners have been spectacularly successful in getting their long sought after CCC – even those that thought they might need to reclad!

What’s the process?

The first and most important step is to install the Mdu Probe System into your property. This will give you the information and proof that your building complies. Alternatively it will point out areas where improvements can be made. Once installed, you can utilise the Mdu Probe Reading Service to read the probes regularly, continuously adding to your arsenal of facts. Many people who thought that their face-fixed cladding system might need to be replaced with a 20mm battened cavity system with new flashings have been pleasantly surprised to find (and prove) that their current system is working fine as it is.

Why is this needed? Why can’t they just sign it off?

As buildings age, the confidence council can place in previous inspections diminishes due to the natural degrading of the building, and the house becomes an ‘unknown’ again. The Mdu PROBE System fills in this information gap by collecting the facts of the building. Treat this process like a court case or a negotiation. It is important to know the rules of engagement, the rights and obligations of the parties involved (typically you and the Council), and have a strong case to put forward. For an overview please read our Code Compliance Certificates and Determinations 101 Guide.

Still at loggerheads with the Council?

If you and Council cannot agree, you can ask for a binding Determination to be made by the Department of Building and Housing. Again, the information you collect and present from the Mdu Probe System will be just as important in this process. Again, for an overview please read our Code Compliance Certificates and Determinations 101 Guide as well as visiting the Department of Building and Housing.

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  1. Please help. We are at our wits end and unsure what to to. My parents house, has no code of complance in Greenhithe, Auckland. It was built in 2000 by my dad who was a builder. It is PLASTER which is against us. We have paid out alot of money to an engineer to access it, we have been told what needs to be done, and worse case scenerio is re-cladding but he was unsure. We are still have not got any further with anything. We had a quote this morning for it to get re-cladded and was quoted off paper, $150k-$175k. It is half brick and half plaster. My dad passed away 5 months ago and my mum is left with this mess and is flipping out as you can imagine. My mum does not have $150k to re-cladd it and is now stuck while grieving and getting angry at dad who is not hear to help. We have been told it is not a leaky home, we have had moisture test done and it has come back fine, but one room had mould particles in the air. Is there anyway you can help us or lead us down the right track.

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