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7 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Angela Su says:

    we recently had new fences built in our new rental property but we suspect the material used are not treated and not the standard to be used in the farm. Not fit for tue purpose of farm use. We would like those to be tested as soon as possible.

  2. Paul Evans says:

    I’m interested in the accuracy of the treatment test denoted in the sample as a visual colour rating (A green B yellow C orange D red). Are the colours directly related to % boron? If so, what are the 4 step ranges?

    • Alan Gow says:

      Hi Paul, yes the steps broadly relate to the % boron in the timber. Red means no boron detected, Orange means a trace of boron detected but well below the current H1.2 standard level, Yellow means good boron treatment at around current H1.2 of 0.4% BAE, Green means very good boron treatment up around the old C8 standard of 0.8% BAE. We compare the colour reaction of the samples against known samples of Untreated and H1.2 treated timber. We also test for LOSP and CCA treatment as appropriate.

  3. Laura says:

    Hi there, we are hoping for someone to do a moisture reading at our property to see if there are any undetected leaks, prior to us putting it on the market and selling it.

    We reside in Australia and are currently unable to get back to NZ to inspect the property due to COVID restrictions.

    We do not initially require a report just guidance on preliminary work to be carried out, if any. One area we are particularly keen to have checked is the ensuite bathroom as we have been told there is a small amount of wood missing in the shower.

    The property is in Tauranga. Email is my best contact, although my number is +61412242455.

  4. Natalie Cooper says:

    We would like to discuss an intensive probe on our house to prove/disprove water tightness

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