Buyers and Sellers happy with ongoing moisture monitoring

This is an excellent example of how well things go when the building is moisture monitored.

  • 2006-2008: The original owner installs the Mdu Probes into the building and continued to monitor the house and carry out maintenance where required.
  • 2008: the owner sells – with the moisture results assisting them to show the new owners about the good performance of the building
  • 2008-2011: new owners continue to monitor the building’s moisture levels annually and carry out isolated maintenance as needed.

Both the sellers and the buyers have been continuing to monitor for years. Noting much out of the ordinary but for some isolated issues identified that get addressed by maintenance and monitoring afterwards to ensure that maintenance has been effective.

When the current owners come to sell the building, they will be able to prove the weathertightness of the building to prospective new purchasers with the results from the moisture readings over the years, and the new owners can continue with this basic monitoring. This ensures that everyone is protected and safe in the knowledge that the building is being monitored.


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