2004 Long Term Leaks Microclimate Analysis of In-situ Hitex Diamond Cavity Wall Construction

Microclimate Analysis of Long Term Leaks of In-situ Hitex Diamond Cavity Wall Construction

Auckland City Council asked “Does RH exceed 80% in a long term leak event (say 5 days)? Do Diamond walls dry out and recover following a longer leak event? What period does drying take? Does RH exceed 80% for sufficient time for moulds to grow? This work is in response to “Should Diamond have limitations in more likely place leaks may occur? Does long term leak wet wrap and transfer to framing? Can this dry if leak detected? ACC asked for a test procedure representative of longer duration leaks. Framing bottom plate wets to 75% in 5 days, when leak stopped dried back to 18%mc in 15 days Key Facts

  • Tests conducted by Ian and Bryan Holyoake in July 2004 on the Hitex factory walls.
  • Related bulletin: RB 409 Four Liter Water Test
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