2004-2008 Drainage Testing on Hitex Diamond Cavity Cladding

Tests show Hitex Diamond Cavity Cladding achieves greater efficiency than an E2/AS1 Fibrecement Acceptable Solution

Tests were performed and demonstrated in 2004 in front of Government and Council officials prove a cavity smaller than 20mm can achieve greater than 99\% drainage compared to less than 80\% drainage efficiency from a 20mm battened cavity E2/AS1 “Acceptable Solution”


Testing in Hamilton in front of Council officials 2004

Testing in Whangaparaoa in front of Rodney District Council and Department of Building and Housing officials 2008

When leaky buildings became a public issue after the release of the Hunn Report in 2002 there was a lot of discussion and eventual introduction of a nominal 20mm battened cavities in most “E2/AS1” building cladding systems to support better drainage and drying facility in building systems. While in many situations a cavity provided additional beneficial features compared to ‘face-fixed’ cladding systems, many in the industry began to believe that the ONLY way to allow adequate drainage was via the specified 20mm cavity in the “E2/AS1” systems. There were unfortunately some aspects that had been neglected to be checked or discussed:

  • What was the required rate of drainage from a building system?
  • How much drainage did the different constructed claddings with 20mm battened cavity systems achieve?
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