Unrepairable damage during ‘expert investigation’

See the photos showing the damage done by an investigating Building Surveyor on behalf of the DBH (Department of Building and Housing) during a Determination – and often a standard level of damage during investigation using ‘traditional’ techniques. Would YOU accept this kind of damage merely for the expert to say that the house is ‘largely weathertight’? Well what about those holes now? Do not be fooled, the surveyors that cut these holes have ‘temporarily’ repaired them, and it is now up to the owner to ‘permanently repair’ these destructive cutouts – but there is no way of doing this properly without recladding these areas. Is this what you would call a ‘professional assessment’? This is completely unnecessary for what was the requirements of the investigation – furthermore the investigation was inconclusive and has left the owners with more problems than they started with. If the building surveyor or DBH had used the Mdu Probe System to start the investigtion this unnecessary damge would have been avoided.


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