The importance of a good QA System

When you’re making a big decision – it pays to get it right

There are lots of examples of important decisions to make. To some its maintenance – when should we repaint? This year or next? To others recladding is a big decision. So when you are making a big decision in times like this, it pays to check your facts first, do your home work.

When Council is involved

If you need council assistance like buildings consent they will be asking for information not about why you came to that conclusion as that’s your business – but they will want to know that what you are proposing to do will be adequate so it will comply with the Building Code. It’s always best to show council what was wrong and what you intend doing about it to correct it and what the expected outcome will be. For example removing decayed timber, or fixing a leak, or replacing a cladding, or treating the wood, removing a window. Council will want to know things were done appropriately for them to sign it off. Some things council can visually inspect for are things like weather exposure, skills of tradespeople, durability of materials. However there will be some staged work where council won’t get to everything. For example council cannot be expected to verbally approve these things when they don’t know what you have been doing – or your builder. They may inspect them to be sure they are being used properly but that doesn’t mean things stay that way.

Decision making tools

Council are also conscious that you will be receiving advice from many quarters so they will also be able to advise what they find useful in making their decisions. One important tool they use to aide their decision making is the Mdu Probe System – used before and after the work is done. Its far better to get the Mdu Probes installed before you start cutting things apart as you may find some of ther work you’ve been told to do is unnecessary. In many cases, councils sees homes that have had the claddings removed and the majority of timber was fine. This could have been found with the Mdu Probe System and the work avoided – but it was too late by then. Whilst that extra work is your costs we want you to spend your money wisely.

Future Maintenance

An important part of buildings is how they will be maintained. We don’t know whether a warrant of fitness will ever come to be but its better to put things in place like how are you going to monitor the building after the work has been done. Council believe its better to know what’s going on and be forewarned of new problems than end up again right where you are today. This is where the Mdu Probe System will deliver you that ongoing peace of mind you want after all the hard work is done.

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