Step Up Process – Public Demonstration

Introducing the new generation of Building Remediation:: The Step Up Building Enhancement Process

FREE Public Demonstration
1 – 11 October

Don’t miss your opportunity to see the Step Up Process LIVE inside a real building being remediated in its first public demonstration. Be the first to see what industry insiders are calling a ‘REVOLUTION’ in building remediation. Come and find out how the Step Up Building Enhancement Process can help YOU by taking a FREE tour with one of our highly experienced Step Up Advisors.

For more details and to secure your FREE, NO-OBLIGATION appointment with our experienced advisors call us now on 0800 STEPUP

Step Up to Better Building Remediation

Building remediation need not be onerously expensive nor fraught with unnecessary risk. The Step Up Process combines world-leading building assessment technologies with ground-breaking, no-nonsense solutions to deliver the most effective building enhancement solution for all homeowners – built-in quality assurance systems provide peace of mind. By comparison the Step Up Process is far superior to typical building remediation options:

  • Affordable – Costs are usually close to half that of recladding
  • Manageable – Staged process allows for time flexibility
  • Quality Assured – Performance results are proven, not assumed
  • Less Intrusion – No need for residents to move out
  • The Sustainable Choice – Lower energy and resource use
  • Peace of Mind – Monitoring systems for ongoing assurance
  • Longer Building Life – Better buildings to last for decades, not years

The Property (House 875)

Complete Step Up Process will cost less than $40K

  • Townhouse in complex
  • Built 1999
  • Untreated Timber
  • Fibre Cement cladding
  • Cladding is Face Fixed
  • Told to reclad in 2002, estimated costs: ~$80K
  • Awarded ~$20K in settlement
  • No work 2002-2008 except minor repairs


  • Burton St, Grafton
  • 1 – 11 October 2008
  • 10am – 5pm weekdays
  • 11am – 3pm weekends

Bookings: 0800 STEPUP. For more details and to secure your appointment call now on 0800 STEPUP.

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