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BNet is a unified building portal for all building stakeholders to easily access and manage performance and other building data. It is a world’s first in-depth online building weathertightness performance management and analysis system, allowing users to simply and easily view, analyse and manage how their buildings are performing. BNet benefits include:

  • Secure online site – Password protected web portal access to information allowing both convenient access and secure protection.
  • Automatically updated, Multi-Stakeholder access – When a building’s performance results are updated, the results are immediately accessible by all with authority to view.
  • Layered information
  • Simple to understand – A centralised colour-coding scheme allows for easy interpretation
  • Houses built in 3D Construct – allowing seamless information integration
  • Simple to use – BNet requires no downloads, installs, and no programs to use – just run it from your internet browser.
  • Ongoing access for the life of the building

BNet data follows the complete lifecycle of the building. BNet enables you to keep track of a buildings’ performance even if you haven’t seen it in years. It builds your portfolio of properties and lets you check them at the click of a button. Successive owners continue to feed performance information into BNet and giving you continual feedback.

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