Peace of Mind

Looking for peace of mind? You’ll find it here.

Maybe you are worrying about “do I have a problem” but don’t really want to know – or who will tell you the truth – with no ulterior motive? Maybe you have better things to worry about. Would you like your fear dealt with one way or another – factually and scientifically based on truthful evidence? Would you feel more peace of mind if your home was like the majority of homes we test and have been fixed with easy solutions – without full reclads? What if it didn’t need a reclad and all your worrying was for nought? What if it could be sold because there is nothing wrong with it? What if the naysayers were wrong? Maybe it’s true and time to prepare for the hard decision?

If you identify with any of these we can help you get clarity, direction and peace of mind. We have resolved similar fears from our thousands of clients.

  • I think I have a problem – or is it because others are telling me they have a problem and my home was built in that same bad period so I probably have as well. I just don’t know what bad means – I haven’t noticed any leaks and I certainly don’t believe it needs a reclad.
  • I want to be able to sell my home for good value but all buyers only see monolithic cladding and turn away. I’m stuck and can’t get anyone interested at all. Why should I give it away?
  • I want to know why I should fix my home with added debt that’ll take 20 years to repay – it doesn’t look that broken to me.
  • I just don’t want the worry – I’ve had enough – but I’m not going to give it away– nothing wrong with my house – so maybe I have to keep it and trust it doesn’t get worse – or maybe if I stop the leaks I can put things on hold? Just don’t know where to start or how to proceed? What is the difference between a leaky building and one that could occasionally leak – haven’t all buildings leaked in the past? They don’t need fixing.
  • I know my house is a keeper but I want to move forward with my eyes open. I want to deal with problems before they get really bad.
  • I want good reliable factual information I can believe in before I make any decisions or spend any money at all
  • I want a second opinion because the last opinion just doesn’t make any sense – they can’t be telling me the whole truth when they say my house is that broken it needs a reclad. Looks like any other house to me.
  • I only make decisions once I’m properly informed and I don’t feel that way at the moment. I mean how can a camera decide what Rot lies beneath the surface – and for that matter how can a cut out under the worst detail on my home have any basis to convince me I need a full reclad. There must be parts that are not damaged?
  • I won’t buy just any house – I want to make sure it’s not a leaker or I walk away. If the owner hasn’t had the house properly inspected why should I proceed? And what is ‘properly inspected’ mean anyway?
  • Do I take a punt – I can’t find anything in the area, I’ve been looking for months, property values are going through the roof, there is nothing in my price range, maybe I can deal with it if it turns out to be a leaker? What could go wrong?
  • Why doesn’t the vendor get the house tested – after all it’s his asset – why should it cost me anything to test when he doesn’t want to know. Why was the last coat of paint applied? How do I protect myself? Have they done some repairs I should know about?
  • Now that I own the house how do I go about building a track record of moisture reports to prove good performance over time which will help me when I come to sell it.
  • If it is bad will you be able to tell me and back it up with facts?


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