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Worried about buying a lemon – looks good on the outside but does it have treated timber, is it leaking, does it already have decayed framing. Will you be able to make the necessary repairs.

Protect yourself – vendors won’t.

Worried about buyers being turned away. Let us test for treated timber so you can sing from the roof top. Why sell for less when a simple test can make all the difference to buyers. We test for moisture as well.

Treatment test: We usually collect 4 timber samples for testing. You can either send us the samples or one of our technicians can go to the property and collect the samples – no damage is done to the wall.

Moisture Test:  Up to 15 location tests including a summary report.

Building report: We can do a wide range of reports. Just let us know how extensive your requirement is.

Monitoring Homes: This is a package that comes with checking moisture, treatment and decay analysis including a full report and a review to understand the house condition.

* Note: If your property is out of the Auckland region, additional traveling cost may apply.

If you have any special requests we can tailor an inspection to suit. Book Now or phone (09)271 0522

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  1. Cgpme says:

    Pity that only a few those examples are truly deignsed in timber. I think the real reason there is so little truly good design in timber in New Zealand (and I mean that in the context of real use, not just some examples), is because timber is so ridiculously expensive for something we have so much of.Also the lack in New Zealand of economically available timber based building products. I have never taken the trouble to find out why this is the case, but the prices of even the shoddiest timber standard houses are ridiculously high for the value they represent.

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